Mladic arrest "highest priority"

13 July 2010 by Hermione Gee

When Serge Brammertz took over as Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in 2008, Radovan Karadzic was still on the run. Today he’s on trial, but two other men are still at large. Brammertz told the IJT why it’s so important to bring them to justice.

If you go to Srebrenica and ask the victims, “What is for you the main priority?” they all know that their loved ones will not come back. What they want is justice and they want that one of the main architects of the genocide and the crimes is arrested, and this is [Ratko] Mladic. That is why the main priority for my office today is to make sure that the remaining fugitives, Mladic and [Goran] Hadzic are arrested and that the international community supports us in this objective.

What has the ICTY achieved so far?
It’s always a very relative question, what is achievement - is it quantity or quality? If you compare it with other international tribunals, the number of cases which have been investigated and prosecuted is quite impressive. But you can’t measure success only in terms of figures.

I think that the tribunal has an important contribution in the fight against impunity, in bringing to justice those most responsible for the different conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. And there is a very strong record on the crimes which have been committed including the genocide in Srebrenicia.

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