ICC premises (Photo: Flickr/ICC-CPI)
15 November 2016 by Stephanie van den Berg

To prepare for the upcoming Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court we have teamed up with several ICC observers to create a series of podcasts about the issues that will be on the agenda, both officially and unofficially during the yearly gathering of the court's member states. Find our talk with Alix Vuillemin of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court here. On the issue of African withdrawals from the court we spoke to Dov Jacobs, assistant professor, ICC defence counsel and blogger. That podcast is here

On the first day of the ASP we met with Liz Evenson of Human Rights Watch to go over how the court and the prosecutors select cases to investigate and take to trial and the possible impact of Russia's announcement that is was withdrawing its signature from the Rome Statute. Click here to hear what she had to say.

19 December 2005 by -

After having implemented most of the budget reduction measures suggested by the Budget and Finances committee, the States Parties to the ICC have reduced the 2006 budget increase to under 20% and kept the budget under 80 million euros. The court had proposed a 23% budget increase for a total of 82.46 million euros.

21 February 2005 by -

The Japanese parliament has decided to donate an extra

27 June 2005 by -

On 24 May, the Special Court for Sierra Leone asked the UN General Assembly for extra financial assistance. The court, which has already received 75 million USD, only has "enough funding to last until the end of 2005", the registrar told the IRIN news agency. It now needs an extra 40 million USD to complete the trials, three quarters of which the registrar hopes will come from voluntary state contributions. The Special Court was set up in 2002 to judge an unspecified number of suspects over an initial three-year period, with a provisional budget of 56.8 million USD.

18 February 2008 by -

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) plan to spend nearly $170 million to try eight defendants, a process they anticipate could take until March 2011. This January 30 budget estimate represents a sizeable increase from the ECCC's initial three-year $56.3 million budget. This new provisional budget foresees an international contribution of $134.3 million and a Cambodian contribution of $35.4 million. Foreign donors, still stung by management and corruption scandals uncovered in 2007 [IJT-75], seem to be balking.

05 May 2008 by -

On April 25, auditors from Deloitte concluded that the human resources management of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) is "robust and ready to take on the challenges of the next phase of operations".