Helen Mack, sister of murdered Guatemalan anthropologist Myrna Mack, speaks at March 2015 meeting of La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) (Photo: Flickr/cidh/Daniel Cima)
02 December 2015

IJT 188 takes a close look at Guatemala's newly opened 'high-risk' court, which many hope will expedite lawsuits concerning the country's decades-long armed conflict. 

Other features:

  • In the Netherlands, an Afghan army commander-turned-Dutch national was arrested and accused of war crimes allegedly committed in 1979.
  • In Bangladesh, two men were hanged for committing international crimes during the war of independence, compelling many Bangladeshis to celebrate and international human rights organizations to question the International Crimes Tribunal's fairness.
  • While ICC state parties held their annual meeting last month in The Hague, groups discussed on the side whether ecocide could become the fifth crime against peace.


Poster calling for the hanging of accused war criminals at 2013 Shabagh protests in Bangladesh (Photo: David Bergman)
10 November 2015 by David Bergman

The soon-to-be-sealed fate of two men, sentenced to death for the commission of international crimes during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence, has reignited criticism of the country’s International Crimes Tribunal (ICT).

13 July 2011 by -

Bangladeshi prosecutors have filed war crime charges against an Islamist leader, accusing him of genocide, murder and rape during the country's 1971 liberation struggle, officials said Tuesday. 

24 August 2010 by Caitlin Reiger

In a stately colonial building in central Dhaka, on 26 July 2010 Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal granted the prosecutors’ request to issue arrest warrants for four individual suspects on charges of committing genocide, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace. A further case against a fifth individual was also opened by the court.

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