22 June 2011 by Bram Posthumus in Amsterdam and Selay Marius Kouassi in Abidjan

In Ivory Coast, the gap between rhetoric and reality is growing dangerously large. On paper, all seems to be heading in the right direction. There is a Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation Commission in place. Early June, the new government of president Alassane Ouattara declares it wants an end to impunity and justice for all. 

24 March 2010 by -

The Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) started public hearings into ethnic conflict that took place between 1998 and 2003. 100 people were killed and more than 20,000 had to flee their homes after violence broke out between rival ethnic groups from the islands of Guadalcanal and Malaita.

By Thijs Bouwknegt

16 February 2011 by Michel Maas

In the aftermath of the May 2010 mass street protests in Bangkok which ended in a bloody crackdown by the Thai army, the government formed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. However, half a year after its formation, the commission is riddled with problems.


02 February 2011 by Donald Kirk

South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in December concluded its historic exploration into the brutality of mass killing by both sides during the Korean War in an atmosphere of frustration and controversy.

18 October 2004 by Thierry Cruvellier

For those who have followed the tribulations of the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for almost three years, its official report, which was published on 5 October, constitutes a small miracle. No one could have predicted such a logically structured, abundantly detailed, and well-written report two years ago when the Commission almost dissolved itself through sheer negligence. Even a year ago when the report was first due out, hopes for a turnaround were not high.

13 March 2006 by -

On February 20, Liberia's new president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, announced the start of the truth and reconciliation commission established by the Liberian parliament last year. The seven-member commission has a mandate to investigate crimes committed between 1979, which saw the deadly repression of riots and the ensuing bloody coup d'état by chief sergeant Samuel Doe, and 2003, which marked the end of the civil war started in 1989 by Charles Taylor, who has been indicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone and is currently taking refuge in Nigeria.

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