Chadians in court to hear verdict of DDS henchmen trial
25 March 2015 by Nathalie Magnien, N'Djamena (Chad)

The court room was packed this morning at the Palais du 15 janvier to hear the verdict in the case of the former agents of Chadian dictator Hissène Habré's feared political police: the Directorate of Documentation and Security (DDS). Anti-riot police were posted all around the room to separate the hundreds of victims and the families of the accused present.

04 May 2010 by -

Former Argentine military leader Jorge Rafael Videla has been charged with an additional 49 cases of kidnapping, torture and murder. He will also be tried in September for stealing 33 babies of political opponents.

By Lula Ahrens

Videla, who ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981, was sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for human rights abuses committed during Argentina’s Dirty War, including the murders of 66 people and the torture of 93 others.

25 April 2012 by -

One year after the Arab Spring, IJT looks at the state of justice in four key countries touched by the revolution wind. After Morocco and Egypt, we now turn to Bahrain.

10 February 2010 by -

Vojislav Šešelj, leader of Serbia’s ultra-nationalist Radical Party, currently standing trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY ) for alleged war crimes, has been charged with contempt of court.

By Vessela Evrova

The court initiated contempt proceedings against Šešelj on February 4th for having disclosed information on 11 protected witnesses, including their real names, occupations and places of residence, in a book he authored.

10 February 2010 by -

A federal judge in the American state of Florida has ordered the son of former Liberian president Charles Taylor to pay $22.4 million to five people tortured during Liberia’s civil war.

By Thijs Bouwknegt

The Liberian plaintiffs sued Charles McArthur Emmanuel, also known as “Chuckie” Taylor, shortly after he was sentenced to 97 years in prison for his role in one of Africa’s bloodiest civil wars. He was the first person to be convicted by a US federal court of torture committed outside the United States.

13 July 2011 by -

Overwhelming evidence of torture by the Bush administration obliges President Barack Obama to order a criminal investigation into allegations of detainee abuse authorized by former President George W. Bush and other senior officials, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

09 February 2011 by -

Human rights groups have vowed that the former US President George W. Bush will face a torture case against him wherever he travels outside the United States.

By Geraldine Coughlan

Human rights groups had planned to lodge a Swiss criminal case against Bush before his address to a Jewish charity in Geneva this week. But organisers cancelled his speech, citing security concerns.

03 May 2004 by -

Judges in Rotterdam have convicted the former Congolese officer Sebastien Nzapali to two and a half years in prison for torture. Nzapali, who served under the regime of ex-dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, announced that he will appeal against the 7 April judgement. Judges tried Nzapali under the 1984 UN torture convention which allows ratifying states universal jurisdiction over the crime. It is the first time that the Netherlands has tried a foreigner for crimes committed outside its territory.

30 September 2009 by -

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has reversed a lower level court’s ruling that CACI International must face a lawsuit regarding alleged abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

By Karl Dowling

10 December 2010 by -

Croatian police in Zagreb on December 8th arrested a former senior Interior Ministry official on suspicion of committing war crimes against Serb civilians at the start of the country’s independence war in the early 1990s.

Tomislav Merčep allegedly commanded a paramilitary unit that killed Serb civilians in 1991.

The prosecutor’s office says he allegedly ordered the abduction, torture and killings of 43 Serbs. Until now, the allegations have never been fully investigated.