tamil tigers

14 September 2011 by Richard Walker

Five Sri Lankan men go on trial tomorrow in The Hague accused of supporting the separatist Tamil Tigers, or LTTE. But their possible convictions are the tip of the iceberg in a case which will be interpreted in Sri Lanka as a decision on who is right and wrong in the country’s 30 year civil war. 

28 September 2011 by Richard Walker

Three cases around the world reflect a new trend in international justice – while Sri Lanka shows no intention of properly dealing with accusations its military committed atrocities in the closing months of the civil war in 2009, cases have opened in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the U.S. against both the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan military. 

26 October 2011 by Richard Walker

After four emotional weeks in court and another two weeks of quiet deliberation, the trial against 5 Dutch-Tamil Sri Lankans in The Hague, charged with supporting the Tamil Tigers movement, ended in disappointment for both sides