28 March 2011 by -

When High Court Judge Baltasar Garzon began digging into the crimes of Spain's Franco era he ran into obstacles of the highest legal order.

By Richard Walker

The country's Supreme Court halted his enquiries and criminal proceedings are currently in motion against him.

Now, after fighting the powers ranging against him with every weapon in the Spanish legal armoury, he has brought his case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. His legal counsel says it is his last resort.

14 January 2011 by -

Spain has called for an international arrest warrant against alleged former Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk for complicity in "crimes against humanity" over the deaths of Spanish prisoners during World War II.

The warrant concerns Demjanjuk's alleged role as a guard at the German concentration camp of Flossenburg, where 50 of the 155 Spanish prisoners held were killed, according to a court ruling released Friday.

05 April 2004 by -

Baltasar Garzon, examining judge at the Spanish Audiencia national

30 September 2009 by -

An Argentine-Dutch pilot was arrested in Spain on September 22nd at the request of Argentina.

By Karl Dowling

11 April 2008 by -

On 8 April, Spanish judge Fernando Andreu declared admissible the complaint [for the assassination of nine Spanish citizens between 1994 and 2000] lodged on behalf of the International Forum for Truth and Justice in Africa and the Great Lakes Region, on 22 February. The complaint targets 69 military leaders of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, which has been in power in Rwanda since July 1994.

24 October 2005 by -

On October 14, the Spanish National Audience is expected to rule on charges of crimes against humanity, genocide, torture and terrorism brought against Fidel Castro by the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights. These proceedings are based on the October 5 ruling by the Constitutional Court which grants Spanish courts universal jurisdiction to try cases of crimes against humanity committed against victims who are not Spanish nationals [see IJT-33]. However, the case will likely not be admissible.

09 December 2010 by -

Spain said Wednesday it has proposed setting up an international tribunal to try Somali pirates attacking shipping in the Indian Ocean, and has the backing of NATO, China, India and Russia.

Defence Minister Carme Chacon told Spain's radio Cadena Ser that she plans to raise the issue with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon when she travels to the United States on Friday.

Pirates off the coast of lawless Somalia have been bagging millions of dollars in ransoms for ships seized in the Indian Ocean in recent years.

10 October 2005 by -

In a ruling announced on 5 October by the Spanish Constitutional Court, the Spanish courts can now hear crimes against humanity and genocide committed outside Spain regardless of the victims' nationality. The Court considered that "the principle of universal jurisdiction takes precedent over whether or not national interests are at stake". Until now, universal jurisdiction could be applied for crimes committed outside the country, but only if the victims were Spanish.

23 January 2006 by -

On January 11, the prosecutor at the Spanish National Audience sought a sentence of 13,332 to 17,010 years in prison for the former Argentinean Lieutenant-Commander, Ricardo Miguel Cavallo. Cavallo is charged with committing acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and terrorism during the dictatorial reign in Argentina (1976-1983).

19 May 2010 by -

Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón - known around the world for probing human rights violations - can move to the International Criminal Court (ICC), despite being suspended from the bench while awaiting trial in his own country. If found guilty, the examining magistrate could be removed from his job for up to 20 years.

By Hermione Gee