11 October 2011 by Robert Carmichael

Siegfried Blunk, the controversial German co-investigating judge, resigned from the United Nations’-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal Monday saying public comments by Cambodian politicians had made his position untenable.

19 July 2004 by our correspondent

Will light ever be shed on events leading to the disappearance in April 1975 of the former president of the Cambodian national assembly Ung Boun-Hor, who was forced to leave his refuge at the French Embassy in Khmer Rouge-occupied Phnom Penh?

08 November 2004 by -

After the Cambodian National Assembly's ratification on 4 October of the accord between Phnom Penh and the United Nations to create special courts to judge crimes committed under the Khmer Rouge regime between 1975 and 1979, the time has come to discuss the budget. Getting pledges to finance the trials and garnering strong political commitment in the international community will be a lot tougher. The UN has set a provisional budget of 57 million USD for the courts to operate over a three-year period.

28 March 2012

Summary and link to PDF of IJT 148.

Phnom Penh