24 February 2010 by Maria Morina

“The government does not understand that [we] should be working for them, not against them”, says Tatyana Kasatkina, Executive Director of Memorial, a human rights research centre based in Moscow. It was founded towards the end of the Soviet era with the goal of preserving the societal memory of political persecution and oppression. Today it works in post-Soviet states, monitoring human rights and helping “to promote mature civil society and democracy based on the rule of law.” Kasatkina spoke to the IJT at her office in Moscow. 

13 March 2006 by -

Plans to build a memorial at the former concentration camp in Omarska have been temporarily put on hold by the main investor, Mittal Steel [IJT-39], which bought the iron ore mine in 2004 where approximately 3,000 Bosnians endured deprivation, physical torture and murder in 1992. The steel giant announced the suspension of the project on February 20. Plans to build the memorial were announced in November 2005, following intensive mediation by Soul of Europe among the various communities living in Prijedor. But the memorial has been increasingly criticized of late.