18 October 2004 by Arnoud Grellier

A new legal front against Augusto Pinochet could begin on 5 November when Chile's Appeals Court examines another request to strip the former dictator of his legal immunity. The demand was filed on 5 October by the daughters of Carlos Prats, the former commander-in-chief of the army and ex vice-president, who was murdered in Buenos Aires in September 1974.

18 December 2006 by Santiago O’Donnell

Interview with José Zalaquett, professor of Human Rights at Universidad de Chile .

What justice has been achieved since Pinochet stepped down as Commander in Chief of the Army in 1998? José Zalaquett served as a member of the National Truth Commission in 1998. In his view, the Chilean justice system has made significant progress in learning the truth about those years and prosecuting the atrocities committed by the dictatorship, but the pace of progress has been tempered by legal, medical and political obstacles as well as Chile's strict adherence to legal procedures.

Manuel Contreras