22 October 2007 by -

Before being hired, the international judges at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, set up to try the Khmer Rouge, were interviewed by a panel of international judges. This process has been formalized in the statute for the Lebanon Tribunal, which is currently being created at The Hague. The UN Secretary General has appointed Mohamed Amin El Mahdi, a former Egyptian judge at the ICTY, and Erik Mose, a Norwegian judge at the ICTR. These judges will interview the candidates alongside the UN Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and Legal Counsel, Nicolas Michel.

10 April 2006 by -

On March 29, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution urging the Secretary-General "to negotiate an agreement with the Government of Lebanon aimed at establishing a tribunal of an international character based on the highest international standards of criminal justice" in order to try the perpetrators of an attack that killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri. On April 4, Serge Brammertz, the head of the fact finding committee that recommended this solution, met with the president of the Beirut bar association, who would like the seat of the court to be outside Lebanon.