07 February 2005 by KELVIN LEWIS

The youthful interim leader of the former Rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) movement, the self-styled General Issa Sesay, has ordered his former battle group commander Morris Kallon to join him and all the other defendants in the ongoing war crimes trials in Sierra Leone to boycott court hearings.

04 February 2008 by Thierry Cruvellier

The prosecutor continues to present testimony from the "insiders"—former Liberians or Sierra Leoneans who claim to have worked for the former president of Liberia. After three weeks of public arguments, the trial of Charles Taylor was moved behind closed doors on January 24. But before that happened, the public had been able to hear a witness who linked Taylor to the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in Sierra Leone—Abu Keita, a former leader of the Liberian armed group Ulimo-K like a previous witness, Varmuyan Sherif.

04 June 2007 by Sylvain Savolainen

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor's trial will open before the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) on June 4. The Court has been relocated to the Hague [IJT-44] to try the case, which will be both its most important trial and its last. The Special Court, which was created in 2002, was expected to last just three years. In the end, it will have taken eight years to try nine individuals. And the jury is still out as to whether the Court will live up to expectations.

Issa Sesay