06 June 2012 by -

Just a month before his departure, scheduled for June 15, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC), made two last-minute decisions concerning the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

By Benjamin Bibas, Paris

24 February 2010 by -

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18 July 2012 by -

Two days of hearings were set aside at the end of June for three victims that are not witnesses to the Jean-Pierre Bemba case before the International Criminal Court (ICC). Nevertheless, the Trust Fund for Victims is struggling to start its activities in the Central African Republic (CAR)—three years after the confirmation of charges brought against the former Congolese militia leader.

By John Noubarassem, Bangui

13 January 2010 by -

Children cannot consent to their own exploitation, making the use of children in warfare “particularly abusive,” an expert witness told the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the trial of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo which resumed last Thursday. Lubanga is accused of enlisting child soldiers into his militia - the Union of Congolese Patriots - during Congo’s Ituri conflict.

By Thijs Bouwknegt

22 July 2008 by -

Much less public until now has been the criticism - on and off the record - from legal experts. Both inside and outside the offices of the ICC, lawyers are baffled by the 'grandstanding' of the chief prosecutor. Why, they ask, did Moreno Ocampo target the highest man in Sudan with a charge of the 'crime of crimes' genocide and with such a public display? And why only al-Bashir?

Most astonishingly Moreno Ocampo went for president al-Bashir only.

19 November 2011 by -

The International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor will go to Libya in a week to discuss how and where Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, will be prosecuted following his capture.

Saif al-Islam, once tipped to succeed his late father as Libyan leader, was reportedly seized in the southern Libyan desert by fighters who vowed to hold him in their mountain town of Zintan until there was an administration to hand him over to.

24 October 2011 by -

Ugandan NGOs are calling for a major effort to fight impunity in Uganda, by setting up a special domestic court to bring the perpetrators to justice. The Ugandan government put its trust in the international community when it referred the situation in northern Uganda to the International Criminal Court in 2003. But NGOs claim a domestic as well as an international solution is needed to deal with the large number of suspects.

By Josephine Uwineza in The Hague

17 October 2011 by -

An International Criminal Court investigation into Ivory Coast's post-election conflict will focus on two to six people thought most responsible for atrocities, the ICC prosecutor said during a visit to the country.

27 September 2011 by -

Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara will on Wednesday launch a promised reconciliation commission tasked with healing wounds from the west African nation's bloody post-election conflict.

The Commission on Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation (CDVR) will be inaugurated in Yamoussoukro, the Ivorian political capital founded by the country's first and longtime president Felix Houphouet-Boigny (1960-1993) after independence from colonial ruler France.