29 March 2005 by -

Justice has so far been relatively powerless to prosecute those who make money out of conflicts that result in the deaths of millions of civilians. Recently, the Netherlands has taken the initiative to tackle the problem. On 18 March, Gus van Kouwenhoven, a 62-year-old Dutchman, was arrested and accused of war crimes for breaking the embargo on selling arms to Liberia. In the mid-1990s, Dutch courts investigated the role of «Mr Gus» in trafficking drugs through Liberia. In 2001, the UN identified him as a key player in the violence in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

27 June 2005 by Thierry Cruvellier

After serving three years as chief prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, David Crane will be leaving his post on 30 June. On 25 and 26 June, he chaired a work session in Freetown with the prosecutors of the International Criminal Court [ICC] and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda [ICTR] and the deputy prosecutor of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia [ICTY]. In an interview given to International Justice Tribune on the eve of the meeting, Crane reflected on the lessons learnt from the Sierra Leone experience. He said that the investigations into businessmen involved in the conflict are still ongoing and assured that it is only a matter of time before Nigeria arrests Charles Taylor and hands him over to the Special Court.

Gus van Kouwenhoven