07 November 2006 by Emmanuel Chicon

Six weeks have elapsed since Belgian judge Daniel Fransen issued an arrest warrant for the former president of Chad, Hissène Habré, for “serious violations of international humanitarian law”. Habré is currently exiled in Senegal. This will be the second time that the Senegalese courts will have to rule on the fate of their guest, whose uninterrupted reign in Chad from 1982 – 1990 was marked by tens of thousands of political assassinations. In 2000, he escaped legal proceedings in Senegal. Five years later, his chances of avoiding extradition to Belgium appear to be slim.

04 December 2006 by Emmanuel Chicon and Franck Petit

Three years after it began operating, the International Criminal Court (ICC) now employs 650 people, has ongoing investigations in three African countries, its first suspect in custody and is playing a key role in the Uganda peace negotiations. "Is the ICC still having teething problems?" wondered Professor Antonio Cassesse a few months ago in the Journal of International Criminal Justice. The States Parties to the ICC seem to be saying no, as overall, they are satisfied with the court's initial results. On December 1 in The Hague, they allocated almost 89 million euros to the court for its 2007 budget - a 10% increase over last year.

Gérard Dive