19 December 2005 by Massimo Moratti

The arrest on December 8 in Spain of Croatian General Ante Gotovina, one of the main suspects wanted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), sparked a wave of protests all over Croatia. Right wing leader Anto Djapic said that the arrest of Gotovina was a difficult day for Croatia, for all Croatian war veterans and for all those who respect Gotovina as a national hero. However, the Prime Minister and the Arch-Bishop of Makarska, south of Split, called upon citizens to try and understand why this moment was good for their country.

04 October 2004 by Heikelina Verrijn

After arriving at The Hague in 1996, Tihomir Blaskic, a former colonel in the HVO (Croatian Defence Council), told his wife and son it would take three months to defend himself against charges that he had command responsibility for one of the war's most horrendous massacres: the Ahmici massacre in the Lasva Valley in April 1993. On 2 August this year, after a case with more than its share of twists and turns, Blaskic was released after being resentenced on appeal to nine years.

24 July 2006 by Drago Hedl

On July 17, an investigation was opened into Branimir Glavas, one of the most influential Croatian politicians in 15 years. A long-term member of Parliament, general in the Croatian army and one of the founders of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), the party of former Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, Glavas is charged with committing war crimes against Serbian civilians from 1991-1992 while he was in charge of defending Osijek, the fourth largest city in Croatia. He may not take the fall alone.

Franjo Tudjman