23 September 2011 by -

Four former Khmer Rouge leaders on trial for genocide in Cambodia will first face charges of crimes against humanity after a UN-backed court on Thursday announced a plan to separate the prosecution process.

The trial at the Extraordinary Chambers of Cambodia (ECCC), long awaited by survivors of the brutal regime, will be divided into smaller sections, beginning with "the forced movement of population (phases one and two) and the related charges of crimes against humanity," the court said.

06 April 2011 by -

Cambodia's UN-backed genocide tribunal is expected to dismiss two new cases against Khmer Rouge suspects in the face of ongoing political pressure, court observers say.

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), dogged by allegations of political interference and strapped for cash, has yet to announce whether it will go ahead with a third and fourth case against five unnamed members of the brutal 1975-1979 regime. 

But court monitors say a decision is expected in the next few weeks.

09 May 2011 by -

The international co-prosecutor at Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia on Monday called for the unnamed suspects in a politically sensitive new Khmer Rouge case to face questioning.

In a written statement, Andrew Cayley urged the co-investigating judges to examine more crime sites and "summon and question the suspects", adding that he felt their alleged crimes "have not been fully investigated".

11 November 2009 by Karl Dowling

The Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) Appeals Chamber upheld sentences for three former RUF leaders on October 26th. Wayne Jordash was lead defence counsel for Issa Hassan Sesay who received a sentence of 52 years. He spoke to IJT’s Karl Dowling.

14 July 2010 by -

Former Khmer Rouge prison chief Kaing Guek Eav - alias Duch - has sacked his international lawyer just weeks before the verdict in his war crimes trial.

By Thijs Bouwknegt

Duch cited “loss of confidence” in his decision to dismiss his French lawyer Francois Roux as counsel at the UN-backed Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC).

During the closing arguments of Duch’s 77-day trial in November, Duch’s Cambodian lawyer Kar Savuth split with Roux by supporting their client’s change of plea and request for acquittal and release.

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia