21 November 2005 by -

On November 14, an American federal judge adjourned the proceedings before a military commission in Guantanamo against Australian David Hicks, who was captured in 2001 in Afghanistan. The judge is awaiting a final and ultimate ruling from the Supreme Court, which announced on November 7 that it would rule on the legality of these commissions by March or April 2006. This final appeal was lodged by another accused, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, who was arrested at the beginning of 2002. The trial of Hicks, Hamdan and two others began in August 2004.

07 February 2005 by Christine Chaumeau

Three years after the creation of the Guantanamo prison, the 550 detainees in the war on terrorism risk filling up American courtrooms. Lawyers and human rights activists are attacking every aspect of the legal strategy set up by the American administration to try so-called enemy combatants. In such a context, the next few months will prove critical for the success or failure of the military commissions.

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