20 September 2004 by INGRID SEYMAN

The tide seems to have turned for former South American dictators. Argentina's Supreme Court has just accepted the imprescriptibility of a crime against humanity, while in Chile a trial looks likely for Augusto Pinochet after the former dictator was stripped of his immunity on 26 August.

10 October 2005 by ARNAUD GRELLIER

Juan Guzman Tapia retired from the magistracy in May 2005. During his career, he prepared hundreds of cases against ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet filed by families of disappeared persons in Chile. On a visit to Paris to promote his autobiography "Aboard the World," he spoke to IJT.

24 September 2007 by Santiago O’Donnell

On September 11, the Federal Appeals Court in Uruguay confirmed the indictment against former president Juan María Bordaberry for his alleged responsibility in the murder and disappearance of militants in the 1970s. At the same time, a signature campaign for revoking the amnesty law is gaining momentum.