03 May 2004 by -

Their names are kept secret, but the seven judges and five prosecutors charged with trying the leaders of the former Iraqi regime, including Saddam Hussein, have been appointed. The only name to be made public in the 20 April announcement was that of the director general of the court, Salem Chalabi. The latter is the nephew of the president of the Iraqi National Congress, a party allied to the Americans. The court budget for the first year is estimated to be 75 million dollars.

20 September 2004 by -

The trial of the ex-leaders of the Baath party will take place «before the Iraqi elections scheduled for January 2005,» according to the government minister Qassem Daoud. Aside from the violence that threatens to undermine the trial and Iraqi elections, another obstacle has emerged: finding a «director» for the Iraqi Special Tribunal. Salem Chalabi, who was appointed head of the tribunal for three years, then accused of murder in August, was dismissed from his post on 7 September.

06 September 2004 by our correspondent

The start of trial proceedings against Saddam Hussein has sparked reactions in Kuwait and Iran, both direct victims of the toppled Baathist regime's aggression.