07 June 2004 by Thierry Cruvellier and Kelvin Lewis

Freetown, 3 June 2004. All the signs pointed to a smooth opening day in the trial of Sam Hinga Norman, national coordinator of the Civil Defence Forces (CDF), his number two, Moinina Fofana, and Allieu Kondewa, responsible for initiation ceremonies for the pro-government militia.

10 September 2007 by Tim Kelsall

Trial Chamber One at the Special Court for Sierra Leone issued its judgment in the controversial Civil Defense Forces (CDF) case on August 2. High Priest Allieu Kondewa and Director of War Moinina Fofana were acquitted of crimes against humanity and found guilty of war crimes. But the meaning of this trial really centered on its primary defendant: Chief Samuel Hinga Norman, former National Coordinator of the CDF, who died six months ago in the midst of judicial deliberations.

Allieu Kondewa