01 June 2001 by -

Croatian General

Rahim Ademi is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia Identity

23 July 2007 by -

In Zagreb, on July 16, following three days spent reading the indictment, the first testimonies were heard in the trial of two Croatian generals, Rahim Ademi and Mirko Norac, the Croatian news agency HINA reports. The two officers are the only people accused by the ICTY to have been transferred to Croatia. The presiding judge says that he would like to have heard all witnesses by October 10.

22 October 2007 by Drago Hedl

On October 15, Branimir Glavas, a retired Croatian general and long-time head of 1 of the 20 Croatian counties, entered the county court of Zagreb. He is accused of war crimes committed 16 years ago, during the war in former Yugoslavia. Leaning on a cane, this 51-year-old man, usually energetic, seemed weakened. His voice trembled as he greeted his peaceful supporters.