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#ICC prosecutors focus in #AlMahdi case on cultural crimes; Mali victims disappointed: no justice for sexual crimes ?

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#Mali NGO says victims feel abandoned by #ICC's narrow focus on Timbuktu destruction @fidh_en @fidh_africa ?

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Is there no organization that "sustained direct harm" to property dedicated to religion and could qualify as victim? ?

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#Bensouda says psychological harm of #Timbuktu destruction warrants first #ICC case w/o victims: @benjaminduerr ?

Mali war crimes suspect Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi at his confirmation of charges hearing before the ICC (Photo: Twitter/ICC-CPI)
01 March 2016 by Benjamin Duerr, The Hague (The Netherlands)

In the first case of its kind, judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have to decide whether the destruction of cultural property and related psychological harm to the population in Mali deserves the attention of the global court. At the confirmation of charges hearing which began Tuesday, the prosecutors said Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi should be tried for war crimes committed during the Islamist occupation of the city of Timbuktu.

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Is #ICC's #Mali suspect a Big Fish or merely an overzealous local preacher asks @janethanderson in her #IJT blog ?

Prosecution picture of Malian ICC suspect Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi preaching to the crowd at the destruction of a Timbuktu shrine (Photo: Janet Anderson)
01 March 2016 by Janet H. Anderson, The Hague (The Netherlands)

If you listen to the prosecution’s presentation at the ICC today, Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi, an Islamist from Timbuktu, was not only an expert in Islamic law – and recognised as such by his peers – a recruiter and an active member of the Islamic group Ansaredinne, but, most importantly, the ringleader behind the destruction of nine shrines in 2012.

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Where does the #ICC #Mali suspect fit in the hierarchy in occupied Timbuktu? Here's the prosecution chart

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Detailed descriptions of the mausoleums destroyed in #Timbuktu 2012 #ICC when under Islamist control

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#Cambodia: #ECCC turns its attention to genocide of ethnic minorities under #KhmerRouge via @Justicetribune ?