Ivorian ex-president Laurent Gbabgo at his confirmation of charges hearing at the ICC in February 2013 (Photo: Flickr/ICC-CPI)
27 January 2016 by Stephanie van den Berg, The Hague (The Netherlands)

As the International Criminal Court (ICC) prepares to try its first former head of state when Ivory Coast's ex-president Laurent Gbagbo goes on trial in The Hague Thursday many question if the ICC is balanced in trying only the leadership of one side in the post-electoral violence.

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda addresses the UN Security Council in November 2015 (Photo: Flickr/IICC-CPI)
27 January 2016 by Janet H. Anderson, The Hague (The Netherlands)

IJT asked legal experts William Schabas and Evelyn Ankumah how they thought the ICC was doing and what remains needed. Schabas is optimistic and Ankumah shares a more reserved view. Both agree that the court must start showing it is not afraid to pursue alleged suspects from powerful states. 

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#ICC prosecutor announces she's opening investigation into #Georgia #Russia crimes

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Interesting piece on #ICC Registry, extended interview with Registrar via @Justicetribune ?

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2nd day of #ICC #Uganda #LRA #Ongwen hearing to start. Read here how prosecution presented their case on 1st day: 

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Without outreach you can't deliver justice, but not all state parties consider it crucial, #ICC registrar tells IJT: ?

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#ICC prosecutor says intially a victim of #LRA, #Ongwen turned into willing perpetrator of #Uganda atrocities: 

Dominc Ongwen at the ICC for his confirmation of charges hearing (Photo: Twitter/ICC)
21 January 2016 by Stephanie van den Berg, The Hague (The Netherlands)

The confirmation of charges hearing of former Lord's Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen started before the International Criminal Court (ICC) 21 January.
Prosecutor Benjamin Gumpert painted a harrowing picture of a victim and former child soldier Dominic Ongwen [IJT-174] who turned into a perpetrator himself. Ongwen went on to play a “crucial” role in the LRA's practice of abducting children, some as young as six years old, to be used as child soldiers and women and girls to be used as sex slaves or so-called  forced wives of LRA fighters.

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#ICC #Uganda #LRA: prosecution to rely on 4 ex-childsoldiers to give first hand evidence against #Ongwen incl. girl abducted at 10 yrs old

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Read up on background for today's #Ongwen #ICC #Uganda #LRA hearing with #IJTarchives ?