The Hague and Sarajevo share the Foca case

26 June 2006 by Massimo Moratti and Berber Hettinga

Ten years after being indicted, all the persons charged by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for crimes committed in Foca in 1992 are now behind bars. The last defendant to be tried, Dragan Zelenovic, was arrested in Siberia in August 2005 and transferred to The Hague on June 8. After much controversy between the ICTY and Russia, Zelenovic had to stopover in Sarajevo, which is where the ICTY will probably want to return him.

It took ten months for this indirect transfer. The Zelenovic case is direct evidence of the difficult relationship between the ICTY and the Russian Federation. Cooperation with Russia was blocked following the death of Milosevic in March, shortly after he was denied permission to seek medical treatment in Moscow. Carla del Ponte expressed her disappointment before the UN Security Council on June 7, stating that the behavior of the Russian authorities is inexplicable and does not bode well future relations between the Tribunal and Russia.

11 ICTY indictees

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