EAC: start of the fourth investigative mission

28 May 2014 by IJT

The African Extraordinary Chambers (EAC) will conduct a fourth and possibly their last investigative mission in Chad, from 24 May to 9 June. 

A mission “devoted to the analysis of human remains found in sites where mass graves have been presumably identified,” reads a press release. A team of Argentinian medical-legal anthropologists will assist the magistrates. They will, in parallel, continue to hear witnesses and examine the archives of the DDS, the former Chadian political police. But before flying to the capital N’Djamena, the EAC investigative judges rejected a request from Chad to be considered as a civil party to the trial [IJT-158]. This decision may not help a pending request, from the Dakar tribunal, to obtain the transfer of two former directors of the DDS, currently detained in Chad. To date, the EAC have only indicted the former president Hissene Habré, in July 2013, for crimes against humanity, war crimes and torture. 

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