Report on torture does not close a chapter

20 December 2004 by INGRID SEYMAN

They are 35,000 men and women, imprisoned under the regime of General Pinochet, who were abused, tortured or raped, then silenced and forgotten by the Chilean institutions and courts. In early December, the publication of the report on Torture and Political Imprisonment under the military dictatorship has finally put an end to the denial of these crimes by granting them official recognition as victims of the dictatorship.

The report's findings, drawn largely from the testimonies of ex-political prisoners, are a grave indictment of the scale and brutality of the regime. Of the 35,000 Chileans who agreed to tell their story, 94% say they were tortured during their imprisonment and 10% of women admit to having been raped.

Priority for compensation and reconciliation

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