Serbia unearths mass grave

19 May 2010 by Bojana Barlovac

Serbian authorities have uncovered a mass grave near the southwestern town of Raska, on the border with Kosovo. A forthcoming exhumation at the site will show whether it contains corpses of 250 ethnic Albanian victims from the 1998-99 Kosovo conflict, as it is thought, Bruno Vekaric, spokesperson for Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor’s office, told the IJT.

“The grave was uncovered with the help of the EULEX [EU rule of law mission in Kosovo] and, according to our assessment, 250 bodies were found in a location near the one we had searched two years ago,” Vekaric said.

In a statement issued May 10th, EULEX said: “We have been working on this particular case for some time. We have provided information and intelligence relating to the possible site of a mass grave in the Raska region. But we are still waiting for confirmation if this site has indeed been located,”

According to Vekaric, the grave is located under the building and parking lot of a local company. It remains unknown for now who killed the people but the bodies were most likely unearthed and reburied in an attempt to conceal war crimes committed during the era of former Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic.

Serbia’s officials have praised the discovery noting that it shows the country’s readiness to resolve all lingering issues and fulfil obligations to the victims and their families.

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