The secrets of the Kamajors of Koribundo

21 May 2007 by KELVIN LEWIS

A ten-minute preliminary statement by key defendant Sam Hinga Norman, national coordinator of the Civil Defence Forces (CDF) from 1997 to 2002, kicked off the trial proper of the former CDF leaders in Freetown.

Declaring that he had been "under tremendous stress so he decided to take up the battle against the Army and the RUF Revolutionary United Front," the ex-minister of the interior, who told the court he had joined the Sierra Leone army decades earlier at aged 14, was unequivocal. He would "not respond to any dramatic pieces the prosecutors might have brought before the court against [him] to incite sentiments and they have no reason to hold anything against him." Deputy prosecutor Charles Caruso responded by calling the first witness.

Torture and assassinations

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