Rwanda: Mugesera’s lawyer sanctioned

30 April 2014 by IJT

Léon Mugesera’s defence lawyer, Félix Rudakemwa, has been fined for “delaying tactics” by the High Court in Kigali, which is trying the academic extradited to Rwanda from Canada in 2012, says the Hirondelle News Agency. His trial has experienced numerous delays since it started, in January 2013. 

Mugesera faces charges of incitement to commit genocide against Tutsis in connection with a speech he gave in November 1992 in Kabaya, in the north of the country. The court decided to sanction the defence lawyer even though he says he was trying to get his fees paid at the ministry of Justice. Rudakemwa told Hirondelle he would appeal the decision before the Supreme Court. Since 2010, only 8 Rwandan nationals have been transfered to Kigali from Uganda, the ICTR, USA and Norway. In 2006, according to the New Times, the ministry of Foreign Affairs presented a list of 93 fugitives wanted for their role in the 1994 genocide to foreign envoys accredited to Kigali.

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