Relatives seek Dutchbat charges

13 July 2010 by Sebastiaan Gottlieb

Relatives of three victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre last week filed a complaint with the Dutch prosecutor’s office charging three former United Nations peacekeepers with complicity in genocide, war crimes and murder.

Commander Thom Karremans, Deputy Commander Rob Franken and personnel officer Berend Oosterveen were in charge of the Dutch peacekeeping battalion - known as Dutchbat - in the UN protected area of Srebrenica. Thousands of Bosnian Muslims flocked to the enclave to seek refuge from the bloody civil war raging in Bosnia. At first the people were held in the Potocari compound under UN protection but after Serbian forces overran the area, Dutchbat soldiers handed the refugees over to Serbian forces under the command of Ratko Mladic. In the course of three days, over 7,000 men and boys were slaughtered by the Serbs.

Rizo Mustafic, Ibro Nuhanovic and Muhamed Nuhanovic were among the men handed over to the Serbian forces. The remains of the Nuhanovics were found in a mass grave in 2007 but Mustafic’s body has never been recovered.

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