Ocampo in Kenya "to listen"

05 May 2010 by Thomas Bwire

Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) Luís Moreno Ocampo will be visiting Kenya next week as part of his investigation into the country’s 2007-8 post-election violence. Before leaving for his week long trip to Nairobi, Ocampo spoke to the IJT about the case.

Why did the ICC authorise you to start investigations in Kenya?
Normally states have their own police and judiciary. When the people are protected by the national judiciary, I should not intervene. Colombia for example has national prosecutors doing the job so I do not need to intervene. However, when people are not represented, when no one takes care of their interests, the ICC can step in.

That’s what happened in Kenya after the 2007 elections. I told the ICC judges that prominent Kenyans organised and financed the violence, guided by political motives to gain or regain power. They allowed me to probe the violence, so I will go to Kenya to start investigations and talk with the victims.

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