New tasks - Hague District Court

16 February 2011 by Geraldine Coughlan

The Dutch Parliament is in the process of amending the International Crimes Act (2003) to include genocide, making it easier for the Hague District Court’s War Crimes Chamber to prosecute individuals for war crimes around the world. A conversation with the Chamber’s President, Judge Roel van Rossum.


How many cases are you currently investigating?
The court is investigating a case involving 5 suspects - alleged leaders of the LTTE, or Tamil Tiger separatist group in the Netherlands, Benelux and other countries.

They are accused of war crimes including membership of an international criminal organisation, recruiting child soldiers, terrorist crimes and planning attacks and murder.

The court is also looking into the alleged involvement of a company and two people in the building of the barrier between Israel and Palestine, as well as a case of alleged atrocities in Rwanda.

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