ICC-Katanga: appeals filed from both sides

15 April 2014 by IJT

Both the defence and the prosecution announced, last week, their intent to appeal Germain Katanga's verdict at the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

On 7 March, Katanga was found guilty as 'an accessory' to the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed during the attack of Bogoro, in 2003 in Ituri, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The ruling said he armed the militia who carried out the massacre, but was not present at the crime scene, and cleared him of the accusations of rape, sexual slavery and using child soldiers.

While the defence appeal said it will seek to reverse the decision of conviction on each charge, the prosecution will request the judges to reverse or amend the acquittals of Germain Katanga for rape and sexual slavery.

In addition, to define the sentence after the verdict, the first instance chamber scheduled two days of hearings for 5 and 6 May. The chamber granted the defence two witnesses during the hearing, via video link, while the prosecution has been allowed to invite the current chief of Bogoro village to testify, also via video link. The prosecution announced in a previous submission it will "seek a severe sentence for Germain Katanga".

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