ICC-Ivory Coast: two from the same side

04 April 2014 by IJT
Charles Blé Goudé, the 42 year old former charismatic head of the Youth Patriots, a pro-Gbagbo movement, introduced himself as a 'consultant in political communication' during his first appearance before the International Criminal Court (ICC), on 27 March. Transferred from Ivory Coast five days before, he has joined in The Netherlands the ex-president Laurent Gbagbo, who has been held for two years.
Both are accused of crimes against humanity committed during the post-electoral crisis, between December 2010 and April 2011, that left some 3,000 people dead. "I am happy to be here," Blé Goudé declared to the court. "Despite some opinions who estimate that a journey to the ICC is of no return, I believe that a citizen who is considered a suspect by this court can come and return to his home if he is proved innocent. And I know I will come back home!" Arrested in Ghana in January 2013 before being transferred to Abidjan, Blé Goudé denounced what he described as "fourteen months of sequestration" in Ivory Coast, "naked, hardly fed, blindfolded". 

"Victor's justice"?

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