"I don't think Pinochet will stand trial in Chile"

10 October 2005 by ARNAUD GRELLIER

Juan Guzman Tapia retired from the magistracy in May 2005. During his career, he prepared hundreds of cases against ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet filed by families of disappeared persons in Chile. On a visit to Paris to promote his autobiography "Aboard the World," he spoke to IJT.

What was the worst pressure you were ever placed under when preparing the Pinochet cases?
When I indicted Pinochet for the first time on 1 December 2000. Horacio Rojas, the cabinet chief working for the justice minister Antonio Gomez was the first person to call me to say with astounding audacity: "Mr Guzman, you must drop the charges, you know very well that they go against the interests of the state." I replied: "Tell the person who sent you that his request is worthy of an authoritarian government." But I cannot tell you who was really behind the call.

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