Gbagbo: where to next?

13 April 2011 by Richard Walke

With the arrest of former President Laurent Gbagbo on Monday Ivory Coast is now at a turning point in its modern history. But whether the country’s bitter opposing factions can find peace will depend to some extent on what happens next to its stubborn former leader. Ivory Coast has been under the ICC’s radar since 2005 – the question now is whether Gbagbo will face prosecution by the court. IJT spoke to Stephen Ellis, a leading historian on Africa at the Leiden African Studies Centre in the Netherlands.

Will Gbagbo face trial in The Hague?
It depends in the first instance on the Ivorian government under President Ouattara, because the ICC is a backup in the sense that when there is a case like this it’s for the country concerned to deal with the question of justice. And then the ICC might take over a case if the country in question won’t or can’t deal with it itself.

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