Darfur rebels appear at ICC

30 June 2010 by Tajeldin Adam

Two Darfur rebel commanders appeared before the International Criminal Court’s pre-trial chamber in The Hague on June 17th, charged in connection with a deadly attack in 2007 on an African Union peacekeeping mission (AMIS) that killed 12 and wounded eight others in the village of Haskanita in Darfur.

Abdallah Banda Abakaer Nourain, former commander-in-chief of the Justice and Equality Movement and Saleh Mohammed Jarbo, former chief-of-staff of SLA-Unity, each face three counts of war crimes, including violence to life, targeting peacekeeping personnel and pillaging.

The same charges were brought by the prosecution against another rebel leader – Bahar Idriss Abu Garda - whose case was scrapped for lack of evidence in February. ICC prosecutors had requested a summons to appear for the three commanders in November 2008. Abu Garda was the first to appear but it took some time for Banda and Jarbo to come forward.

“I took up arms to seek justice. I decided to cooperate with the court because I know the court has duties to find out the truth. I call on every one who is accused by the court to come forward and clear their names,” Banda told the court.

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