Chad: last but not least investigative mission

04 April 2014 by Nathalie Magnien, N'Djamena (Chad)

The third investigative mission of the Dakar-based African Extraordinary Chambers (EAC) took place in Chad from the 15th to the 28th of March. The team included four Senegalese investigative judges accompanied by two prosecutors.

They gathered new statements from 543 direct and indirect victims. In total, 1835 persons have been heard from, as witnesses and/or civil parties, since their first mission in August 2013. They continued to search and select evidence in the archives of the 'DDS', the Documentation and Security Directorate often described as the political police of the Hissène Habré's regime. Thousands of these documents are considered as key elements by the prosecution who recently appointed an expert graphologist to try and identify Habré's handwriting, and a military expert, to reconstitute the chain of command within the DDS. 

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